How to See the Chiropractor You Want

Do you ever feel trapped by the insurance plan your work place offers?

Yes, those plans offer coverage, but not always with the provider(s) that you most want to see.

When the chiropractor that I have been seeing, or that has been recommended to me, is not covered by my insurance company, does that mean the chiropractor isn’t reputable? Not at all. In many cases all that it means is that the amount of payment the insurance company is willing to pay for patient appointments is not enough for the chiropractor to remain profitable. So the chiropractor decides that he or she doesn’t want to be a part of the health insurance company’s network of providers.

So as it relates to chiropractic there is no correlation as to the quality of chiropractic care you receive if a chiropractor is in or out-of-network.

Get a reimbursement from your health insurance company

Contact your health insurance company and ask if they will offer you a reimbursement if you see an out-of-network chiropractor. Some health insurance companies/plans will give you a reimbursement after you pay for the appointment yourself. Be warned many plans will not offer any reimbursement, and those that do offer a reimbursement will often only provide a partial reimbursement.

Compare the cost of your co-pay to the cost of the chiropractic appointment

Look at your co-pay amount. Many times the cost of your co-payment is just as much as the cost of your appointment. So you would have ended up paying for the full amount of the appointment anyway. In other cases, your co-payment is only a few dollars less than the cost of the chiropractic appointment. Do you really want to let a few dollars keep you from seeing the chiropractor of your choice?

Healthcare Savings Plan

You can also take advantage of the healthcare savings plan through your employer. If you like to visit your chiropractor on a regular basis to maintain your health think proactively and put some money into your healthcare savings plan to pay for those visits. Using your healthcare savings will plan will help you save some taxes and help make the cost of each appointment more affordable.

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